Our Approach

Level I Study

The objective of this Watershed Study is to evaluate the watershed’s existing conditions and, from collaboration with landowners, stakeholders, and public outreach, develop a Watershed management and Rehabilitation Plan and identify projects that are eligible for funding from WWDC and other sources that may improve or maintain watershed function and systems.

Our Story

Our Approach

Public outreach and communication for this project will be important for the success of the study. The project encompasses a large area with private landowners; city, county, state, federal and transportation landowners; and other stakeholders and interest groups.

Y2 will be providing information for the public regarding the project through this dedicated website and will disseminate project meeting notices and updates.

Project Sponsors

The South Big Horn Conservation District and the Washakie County
Conservation District requested a watershed study to evaluate current watershed function, irrigation diversion/conveyance systems, and upland livestock/wildlife water management and rehabilitation opportunities. Surface water storage including enlargement and/or rehabilitation of existing water storage facilities, the current condition of wetlands and riparian areas within the drainage, and geomorphic classification are also of interest. This information would provide baseline information from which the districts can pursue implementation of management practices that address the natural resource issues within the drainage. The service area for the South Big Horn Conservation District includes the lower portions of Middle Big Horn River Watershed that reside in Big Horn County. The service area for the Washakie County Conservation District includes the upper portions of the Middle Big Horn River Watershed that primarily resides in Washakie County, although some portions extend into Park and Hot Springs Counties.



Wyoming Water Development Commission

Dave K. Myer, P.E.

Wyoming Water Development Office

Phone: (307) 777 – 7626


Washakie County Conservation District

Victoria Dietz, Director
Washakie County Conservation District
Phone: (307) 347 – 2456 ext. 101


South Big Horn Conservation District

Ashley Henderson, District Manager

South Big Horn Conservation District

Phone: (307) 765 – 2483 ext. 103